At Nestsera we create a friendly, sharing environment towards innovation, common development through personal growth.

Dynamic, youthful, friendly
We have been and will always create an environment of harmony, friendliness, where members are willing to help each other, where employees are always creative, innovative, confident to have their own initiatives to work effectively.
Sharing, training
This is the value we pursue, the core that we believe it will help the whole team grow. We share daily knowledge, continuously organize training activities to develop together.
Many engagement activities
Every week, every month we have activities to bring together the members of Nestsera. Weekly can be outdoor activities. Monthly, annually can be travel programs to help employees relish while increasing cohesion between members.
At Nestsera, the smallest opinion is received and acknowledged. The working process of employees is assessed, recognized and there are regular evaluation and reward programs.
Flexible-working time
With flexible-working time, our employees always have the right to freely choose the right working hours for themselves, just ensure full 40 hours / week and complete the tasks. We do not have a specific start and end time, you can select, arrange and allocate as you wish to achieve the best performance.
The ability to get promoted
Every 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, Nestsera has programs to evaluate and summarize employee performance with worth benefits and rewards. At Nestsera, promotion opportunities are open to all employees, who can advance to higher positions based on performance.

We are hiring

The positions are open for recruitment

Back-end Developer (NodeJS)

We are currently striving to strengthen our team and look for young talents who want to take part in the journey of Nestsera to develop the best technology solutions for customers. Here’s what you will do Plan, analyse and development products Participate in software architecture design and data structure Research and apply techniques that ensures…

Graphic & UI/UX Designer

1-year experience in UI/UX on Website/App and passionate about the work of learning, creating, designing user-oriented products is our desire in this position.

PHP Developer (WordPress)

Nestsera needs to recruit 5 website developers using WordPress and PHP with at least 1 year of experience.

Front-end Developer (VueJS)

Nestsera needs these 5 developers to participate in developing projects, building front-end functions of Website, Web application.

Mobile Developer

Nestsera needs to recruit 5 mobile developers at least 1 year of experience


At Nestsera, we are always looking for exceptional talent.
Send us your CV to [email protected]